Of all the jobs I’ve had in my life, being a Mom has to be my most challenging, most frustrating, and the most demanding one. But it is also my most rewarding and my most favorite one!

Joey, for me, is not just a venture that fulfills my dream, but it is also very emotional. I want all Moms (and all the wonderful Dads too) of the children that come to Joey to feel the same sense of security…knowing that their kids are safe, happy and healthy under our care. That they are learning with joy, writing without tears, making new friends and acquiring new skills. That they are getting big school ready and more importantly, life ready.”

After more than a decade of corporate experience in the U.S., Sindhu decided to follow her dream, her passion – Early Childhood Education. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from UCLA, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Simon Fraser University, a Masters Degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from Bangalore University.

When my kids came into this world, leaving them in a pre-school all day long while I pursued my career was very stressful. Jugglers on a tightrope walk have far fewer things to focus on and balance than a working mom! It was during that phase of my life that I realized that my kids’ teachers were so wonderful and caring. Soon my apprehensions of not doing justice to my roles in life faded away. With their love, care and facilitation for learning, all the while indirectly supporting my career, I felt they had become an extension of my family. This was a defining moment for me. It redefined my dreams of being an entrepreneur.

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With broad-ranging interests and an equally diverse work experience, Satish is excited about contributing to the fast-changing landscape of early childhood education. When he first heard that “The zip code in which you’re born…the environment you spend your formative years in, has a bearing on your life’s trajectory,” Satish’s curiosity in early childhood education was stoked. His mission is to make Joey a fun and safe place where the little ones gain confidence to explore, experiment, discover, learn and set forth on their optimal trajectory for success in life. He loves to work with kids on Lego robotics, conduct leadership workshops, and engage in lively conversations with young minds.

Satish is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business, Texas A & M University, and Bangalore University.

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