The human brain has the greatest plasticity from birth through age six to accommodate a wide range of experiences, interactions, and environments. Thus, nurturing emerging social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills are critically important. We, at Joey, are HUGE proponents of play being at the center of our curriculum. We believe that early childhood is not only a critical time for learning, but also a time for laughter, play and great fun! We encourage all types of play within the learning environment – dramatic, constructive, creative, physical, and cooperative play. We facilitate child-led activities and nudge them towards developing early foundational skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration for making them future ready!

    • Our young learners in the toddlers program thrive in nurturing environments where teachers stimulate their developing minds with educational toys and exciting physical and mental activities.

    • Our preschoolers are at an age where they develop a strong sense of curiosity about their world, and teachers encourage that curiosity as they facilitate immersive educational experiences. Learning through play is emphasized. The preschoolers participate in hands-on activities that impart basic concepts of literacy and numeracy.

    • Our K1 program has a STEAM focused curriculum. Students learn how to work in a collaborative environment while continuing to build on their communication, social and problem-solving.

    • Our K2 program builds on skills developed in the K1 program and puts our little graduates on the path of school-readiness. The program has activities designed to impart skills like independent reading, writing, numeracy and reasoning.

    We understand that your professional life could have a demanding schedule. We are also familiar with meeting requests popping up just as you were getting ready to wrap up for the day. Not to worry, Joey has your back. Our centers offer extended care till 6 PM to help you get through the day stress-free, while your little one is under our care. We also accept kids from other schools for the After Care program.

    We understand that your child’s nutrition is foremost on your mind. Let us take this load off you, and make it one less thing to worry about every morning. At Joey, we offer meal plans consisting of breakfast, lunch and snacks. We have developed a balanced menu based on our interactions with top-notch nutritionists. We prepare wholesome food in our in-house kitchen under stringent hygienic conditions.

    Transportation will be provided for both part-time and full-time students. Check with the office for your specific pickup and drop off locations. We do not offer drop off for students in the extended care program.